2018 Installation and video documentation of a performance. Curated by Rose Bouthillier and presented as part of the RBC Emerging Artist Series at Remai Modern in Saskatoon. Photo: Blaine Campbell  

Egg II

2018 Video, 60 second excerpt of 60 minute video. Documentation of a performance in my kitchen, where I stare down at this stainless steel egg timer for 60 minutes straight.


2018 Neon, aluminum.  Documents, an 8-foot-tall neon sculpture, was installed at ACRE Projects Gallery as part of a group exhibition, Double Gaze.  It was later installed again at a second Chicago venue, 6018North for the group exhibition, Living ...

Point of Origin

2018 Chalk on cardboard tray, 12″ x 12″. Inkjet print, 40″ x 30″ each.  Series of 20.

Notes That Bind Us

2018 Zip ties, masking tape. 1 – 150 notations that can be arranged in various dimensions.


2017 Video, 10:00.

New Balance

2017 Projection of a video titled, Brush Strokes (Night and Day), mapped onto a New Balance shoebox, which sits on top of an Adidas shoebox.

Beginning at the Centre Press Out Towards Edge

2017 Works on paper, 10.5” x 14” each. Collage made with scraps from vinyl backing.

Full Circle

2017 Vinyl, vinyl backing, scotch tape. The final measurement of deer antlers in my preceding work, Trophy, came to be 1,114″.  I used this number to project a vinyl shadow.  The back of the vinyl ...


2017 Skinned Wisconsin branches, trophy tape

Miles to Go (before I sleep)

2017 Celine Dion cassette tape, looped audio, fan, unpainted drywall, blue tape and a pencil. In this installation, I’ve cut out a portion of the cassette tape from Celine’s Let’s Talk About Love album.  This physical ...


2017 05:42 video projected onto paper towels.


2017 Inkjet print, 40″ x 60″ each

Sunday Chilli

2017-ongoing collection. Aluminum cans

Leave No Stone Unturned

2017 Toilet tank lids

Brush Strokes (Night and Day)

2017 Video, 02:45. In this video, I focus on the mundane activity of tooth brushing through a skewed perspective. The notion of brushstrokes, most decidedly associated with painting, is imposed against the backdrop of the everyday, ...

Wheels on the Bus

2017 Video, 00:40 (loop). In this video, I use the function of a distance measurer and the function of loop in video editing to arrive at no particular destination. This futile, circular motion through a ...


2017 Video, 02:20

Unfinished America

2017 Inkjet print, 30″ x 40″

Length of Gravity

2017 Slinkies, screws, gravity, 54″ x 3″ x 3″ and 50″ x 3″ x 3″

Day Without Immigrants

2017 Oven elements

All Purpose

2017 Flour, oven elements, spray paint, resin

Distress Signal

2016 Projected still image, 7 ft x 10 ft

Sometimes It’s Ok to Follow the Rules

2016 Archival dye sublimation on aluminum, 20″ x 24″ each. Starting with a 100 Canadian dollar bill, I went to the bank and exchanged it for its US counterpart only to exchange it back to ...


2016 Video, 00:46

Muscle Memory

2015-2017. Images collected on my way to and from my day job at the library

Home-made Gradient


Beer Pong


One Hit Wonder






Waiting Game


7,200 Euros


Blank Fortune


Horizontal Studies


Vertical Studies


Orozco’s Oranges

2012 Inkjet print, 4″ x 6″. I was thinking about Gabriel Orozco’s work titled Home Run, where mundane placement of oranges in windows of neighboring apartment buildings became a significant gesture when noticed from the street. ...

The World is Uneven


String Cheese II


Toilet Paper






Instant Rainbow


(at) Arm’s Length




String Cheese I






Magic Carpet


Takeout Box